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Gardening Super Hacks for Spring

Gardening Super Hacks For Spring

We all have our tips and tricks when it comes to gardening. These have probably been passed down to us from our grandparents or parents as we spent time in the back yard with them as children. But as well as these, there are many more that you might not have tried out before and will perhaps find a little, well… strange, to say the least.

So put the fertilizer down and the lawnmower away, because here are some less than traditional gardening tips you definitely need to try out this year.

Alternative methods

Penny for your thoughts

This isn’t actually a gardening tip, but if you want to keep some of those pretty blooms you’ve cut from your back yard healthy and fungus free in their vase, then drop a copper penny in the water. Copper is an excellent natural fungicide and will draw out any fungus growing on the plants, keeping them healthier looking for longer.

Preventing pests

Jellied slugs

Gareth Richards, an expert horticulturist for online garden supplies company Bakker Spalding, has a few tricks up his sleeve when it comes to deterring pests from your prized plants, he said: “Put petroleum jelly around the tops of your plant pots. When the slugs venture up the sides for a nibble on your plants they slip straight back down.”

Go bananas
Gareth also noted that food waste is also great when it comes to gardening. “Place banana skins in the soil around your rose bushes,” he said. “The potassium is great for plant growth [and] you can also place orange peel in your borders to keep cats away; they hate the smell.”

 Plant curry and mint  

Cats, ants and other garden pests don’t like the smell of curry and mint plants, so these are great for planting around areas you want to keep pest free. Mint destroys an ant’s sense of smell, making it harder for them to travel around your garden and encouraging them to avoid the area.

Be aware, though, that mint spreads quickly. To deter this you can push a long tube (an old rain pipe will do) into the ground and then plant the mint into it. The tube ensures the roots grow downwards and can’t spread out into the soil.

It’s like treating poison with an antidote made from a mild solution of the poison itself, bugs won’t want to visit places where the remnants of their dead pals have been sprayed – or it just doesn’t smell great to them. Also, please ensure you use a different blender for bugs – no wants a nasty surprise in their smoothie the next day.

Crack open a can

Slugs and snails love beer. So, if your prized strawberries have been feasted on by these slimy fiends grab a can of the good stuff and pour it into a tin or jar that you’ve buried into the soil. They’ll be attracted to the smell, crawl in and drown. It’s a pretty horrific way of removing them from the garden but one that works every time. You don’t even need to crack open a good can of beer, a cheap everyday value supermarket brew will do the job.

Help your garden grow

Don’t pour your cooking water away

The water you use to cook pasta, rice and vegetables in is a great source of nutrients for plants, so don’t throw it down the sink, save it and sprinkle it on young bulbs to encourage growth.

Water plants with chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is great for plants because it contains anti-fungal properties that ensure they

don’t succumb to diseases. Whip some tea up and mix it with water, then spray or water it straight onto plants when they’re looking a little dry. Many gardeners also recommend soaking seeds in the tea before planting to improve their resistance to disease.

Add powdered milk to tomato plant soil

Yep, that’s right, throw some powdered milk into the soil when planting your tomatoes and you’ll save them from dreaded mildew and calcium deficiency. Powdered milk is preferred over the pourable kind, simply because it doesn’t smell while breaking down and there is less risk of putting too much into the soil and causing issues.

When it comes to gardening there are plenty of alternative methods that should help your outdoor space flourish into something beautiful. These tips can be easily tried out by everyone, from those just starting out in the back yard to those who have been tilling and planting for years.


26 April 2016 by MR X
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